The whole crew at Barbara and Fred's 50th anniversary - 2006.

Standing (l to r): Derek, Rebecca, Dov, Adina, Noah, Ruth, Sara, Jesse, Mitchel, David.
Seated: (l to r): Barbara, Fred, Jeremy

Derek and Family

Ruth and Family

David and Family


The primary genealogy site includes all the information currently collected on both Barbara's and Fred's families.

This site also includes media items, i.e. pictures, census pages, documents, etc..
Full access to the site is limited to family members. An account and password are required to access all the information on this site. Once logged in, a number of features are available:

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Primary Genealogy Site


When we were living in England in 1958, we were introduced to Connoisseur porcelains. We were taken with the delicacy and beauty of these pieces. The craftsmanship was extraordinary. From this start, our interest in fine craft has continued over the years and has led to a small collection of varied disciplines. It has also been an important part of our travels. The tab on the right provides a link to our "Crafts" pages.

1987 - China
1996 - Africa
1999 - Turkey - Greece
2004 New Zealand - Australia
2006 - South America
2010 - Egypt
2011 - Russia - Eastern Europe
2013 - Japan
2014 - Panama
2014 - Costa Rica
2015 - France - Italy
2017 - Alaska
2018 - SE Asia


Over the years, we have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world. The tabs on the right provide links to pictures and summaries of these trips.